Options for Sessions


veryone is different, and so are the ways that Structural Integration can help. For those reasons, I offer four different session options. Read below to see which is the best fit for you, or contact me if you have any questions.

This is a terrific introduction to structural work, or can stand alone as a “tune-up”.  If you’re a new client and not sure what you need, choose this option.

This is a shorter session to focus on a specific issue. You slept weird and now it hurts to turn your head, the dog ran full-tilt into your knee, etc. Short sessions are also best for younger people (ages 8-17) and anyone who simply prefers to receive this work in smaller doses.

The 3-series consists of three distinct sessions: lower body, upper body, and spine/ neck/ overall integration. This is an excellent introduction to structural work and more in-depth than a single session, and it is an effective way to create space in whole-body patterns. Clients report relief from chronic pain, increased proprioception, and a sense of spaciousness in their bodies.

The 12-series is a full-body sequence of sessions. Although pain relief and postural re-patterning are common results, the true value of this work lies in a systematic, whole body opening, and subsequent integration. This physical work often has echoes on the emotional or even spiritual levels of being; clients often report feeling lightness, stability, and a sense of profound ease in their bodies.

The first four sessions focus on the “sleeve” of the body- more superficial layers of fascia and tissue in the front, back, and sides of the body, and the spirals that connect them all.

The next four sessions are devoted to the core: deep structures from (quite literally) the toes to the nose: the inner support system of the body. These sessions allow the space and time for unwinding at a profound level and addressing areas that are often overlooked or inaccessible without prior preparation.

The last four sessions integrate core and sleeve – deep and superficial layers of the body. There are often unexpected and wonderful changes in these sessions that would have been impossible without the first eight visits.

Please note that after a 12-series, it is expected that clients take at least six months to “live into” the changes in their bodies. Unlike massage, this is not an ongoing process of monthly or weekly sessions. The 12-series is a distinct project with a beginning, middle, and end. I will work with you to create a timeline and protocol that works for your body, goals, and needs.