On Habits and Sleep

Earlier this year I read Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin, which is a book about habits. It’s an interesting read; some parts were helpful, and some less so. Below is one point that I found immediately clarifying and useful, and I wanted to share it.

Basically, some habits have a greater effect on your life than others. These habits will also affect your ability to stick with other habits, as well as profoundly influencing the quality of your daily life. These habits were (paraphrased):

  • sleep
  • what you eat
  • exercise
  • get rid of clutter

Of these, I have found sleep to be the most important. It might be different for you. For me, sleeping enough reduces my sugar cravings, gives me more energy, and basically powers me up to make good decisions the rest of the day. I find that it affects my mood as well; sleeping enough can be the difference between feeling happy, generally fine, and relaxed, and dealing with anxious, low-level overwhelm and irritation- regardless of external circumstances. This is a good article on all things sleep; how much, quality, what helps, what doesn’t.

The natural world is turning inward, quieting, and slowing down. You’re allowed to do the same. If you are stuck in “on” mode, get some bodywork, move around, and help your nervous system switch gears.



Kyra Ahlstrom