About Structural Integration


tructural Integration (SI) works with patterns in your whole body so that you have an easier time breathing, moving, and participating in your life. SI seeks to balance the fascia (the connective tissue web that runs throughout your body) so that it is freed in areas of restriction and stabilized in areas of weakness. Being in your body then feels more harmonious.

Physical benefits of SI often include reduced pain, a more lifted, effortless posture, and increased range of motion. It can enhance your understanding of your body and its patterns. Because we are working with fascia, changes initiated in SI work often continue to resonate for months. Thus, it is most useful to receive a series of sessions, and then take time to experience and “live into” the changes.

Rather than thinking of this work as a way to “fix” something wrong, imagine it as a way to match your physical body with who you are and what you are doing now.  Ways of holding your body in patterns that were once useful (but are now outdated habits) can fall away. SI works with your body as a whole so that, in essence, it takes less effort to be yourself.

We will work within your comfort level at all times with the intention to invite release and change, not force it. Receiving this work can be an active experience, and you may be asked to move, stand, breathe, and participate during the session as we bring balance to your body.